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Integration of ICT across all curriculum areas is undertaken. This occurs through a multi-model approach. Laptops, bring your own designated device (BYOD) using iPads, robotics, coding, the use of Apple TV and smart televisions are all effective teaching and learning tools. Children have online access to CE Schools individual Google accounts. Every student and parent in the school is aware of the Student Acceptable User Agreement, which all parents and primary children are required to read and sign. This document clearly states roles and expectations of parents and children in the use of technology at school. The aim is for all children to develop their knowledge and skills in using ICT and to become responsible users of technology and aware of safe practices when online.

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There are many benefits to the BYOD program. Your child will have easy access to their digital school work. Your child’s password and username will be logged in to their account each day. Students learn the responsibility of caring for their device from an early age, including transporting and charging it at night. Sharing personal devices is not permitted. Security and safety is improved because only they will be using their device. To join the program, your child must bring their device to school every day. However, the school does have iPads for those children who do not have a device.