Message from the Principal 

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It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to our wonderful school.

As Principal I feel privileged to be part of the St Vincent’s story, a rich tradition that has been unfolding for over 45 years now and leading a team committed to academic excellence and the highest level of pastoral care for all our children.

The size and structure of our school allows for each child to be treated as a special individual. Everyone has a voice in our school and this is reflected in our vision. We set high standards for teaching and learning and achieve this through providing a creative curriculum, putting children at the heart of everything we do and working closely with the whole community. At St Vincent’s Primary School, families become part of a community which seeks positive well balanced Christian values for their children.                                                           

It is a place where lasting friendships are established.

We believe that each child brings his/her own talents and gifts that will be valued, nurtured and developed through the dynamic and stimulating curriculum and opportunities that we offer. However, making a decision about which school to choose for your child can be a daunting one so I invite you to join us at one of our coffee mornings. It will be through walking around the school seeing the students and teachers in action and through asking your own questions that you will get the best ‘feel’ of life in St Vincent’s Primary School.

We look forward to meeting you,

Lina Vigliotta


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St Vincent's School Prayer 

Dear Lord,
As we begin this day I thank you for the Land,
the Language and the Culture of our Indigenous people.
I offer you myself and all I do today.
Mary, my mother, help me to love God and others today.
St Vincent de Paul, show me how to love and care for others, by walking in the
Footsteps of Jesus.

What does Caritas mean?

The word Caritas on our school emblem means 'Love'the selfless kind of charity towards others. St Vincent de Paul, our patron saint, was dedicated to serving the poor and was was renowned for his compassion, humility and generosity. It is through our emblem that all members of our community remember these qualitites and seek to use them in their daily lives


School Houses

The Arrernte people, sometimes referred to as the Aranda, Arunta, or Arrarnta are Aboriginal Australian people who live in the Arrernte lands in the area of Alice Springs and surrounding areas of the Central Australia region of the Northern Territory.

The suburb of Aranda in the ACT is on the land of the Ngunnawal Aboriginal people.

We acknowledge the origins of the land on which our school resides and celebrate its indigenous heritage. There are four school houses at St Vincent’s and each has an indigenous meaning: