Teachers can find useful links to different websites. Most websites require you to register or have a username and password.



Scootle - Search for online content relating to a topic. Create a learning path for students to progress through using online objects.  Teachers must login to create a learning path. Students access the learning path using a PIN identifier. The PIN is generated by Scootle.

Scootle Registration: Teachers self register on Scootle. Click here to access the registration page on the Scootle website.  This link is specific to St Vincent's School. Please register using your @cg.catholic.edu.au email address.


Outlook Web Access - Access your email. Please login using firstname.lastname and use the allocated password, which could be different to your password you would use to access the computer.


ESS - Employee Self Serve - check your pay, claim relief, log a sick day, print tax certificate.


St Vincents Intranet Website - from school or outside the school network, you must login using the format: acgnet\firstname.lastname     

Please use the password you would use to access your web based Outlook email system.


CEO Intranet Website - check CEO System calendar, contact CEO Staff, view any other publications by/from the CEO

Login using format of username: acgnet\firsname.lastname

Password is the same as the Outlook web-based email system.


OnTrack Reporting - You may need to use the following to login to the website in order to gain access to the OnTrack Reporting website.

At the username prompt, type: firstname.lastname                please notice the . between firstname and lastname

where firstname.lastname is the name you would use to login to the Outlook email system.

Password: type the password you would use for access to your Outlook email system.


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