Community Council

There are many ways of contributing to the school community at St Vincent’s.  Often this can be through the work of the School Community Council.

You can contact the council via email: or use the individual links inthe members' page

What is the School Community Council?

The Council is your voice in the school community and exists to provide leadership and direction for the school.

The Council consists of the Community Council Executive, which includes the Principal, the Parish Priest, staff representatives and parent members. The Community Council Executive is supported by various working groups, which focus on specific objectives and tasks (eg. fundraising, infrastructure, catering, communication).

What does the School Community Council do?

While Catholic Education (CE) owns the school and the Principal runs it from day to day, the school community, through the Council, plans for what St Vincent’s needs to achieve its goals and how it goes about it.

Here are some of the things the Council makes decisions about:

It also suggests ideas and provides advice in areas such as the curriculum, student and parent support, and general educational policies.

And let’s not forget its role in promoting an open and inclusive school community through social events. The Council’s disco/BBQ, trivia or movie nights, and events such as Christmas in July dinner are the highlights of the St Vincent’s social calendar.

Each year the Council runs an open forum for the school community to talk about its work and activities and provide an opportunity to discuss any issues for the school community. 

For the latest news on what the Council has been up to,and information about upcoming events,go to the Council’s news page and find us on facebook.


Find us on facebook: St Vincent's Primary School Community Council Aranda



You don't have to be on the Council to have a hand in ensuring our school works for us all. Why not join a working group?

We have groups for:

Fundraising, Catering, Grounds and Infrastructure and Communications.

If you have a skill or interest to share, or if you'd like to pass on any thoughts or ideas, please contact the

School Community Council