School Fees


When applying for enrolment in a Catholic systemic school within the Archdiocese of Canberra and Goulburn, parents and guardians undertake that they accept and support the life, nature and identity of the Catholic School. This commitment to Catholic education also means a financial commitment, which entails the responsibility and obligation to pay all required school fees.


Tuition Fee: This is set by the Archiocesan Catholic Education Commission and used to supplement Government per capita grants and staff salaries.

School levies: This is set by the School Board and used to cover administrative, maintenance and educational costs.

Building Fund: This fund is tax deductible and used for the ongoing maintenance and provision of educational services to Catholic families in Canberra.

Activities and Excursion Levy: This levy provides assistance with excursions, school performances and other activities the children are involved in during the year.

Sports: This charge covers the charges applicable for school services providers supporting the curriculum.


School fees per term for the 2018 school year are:

1st Child   2nd Child   3rd Child   4th Child
Tuition Fee, no sibling at a Catholic secondary school $346   $103.80   $69.20   no charge
Tuition Fee, with one or more siblings at Catholic secondary school $276.80            
Building Fund, per family $168            
School Levy $270   $81   $59   no charge
Excursion Levy


  $15   $15   $15
Sports Levy $37   $37   $37   $37
Capital Project Levy, per family $20             
Total cost to the CEO, no sibling at Catholic secondary school $514   $103.80   $69.20   no charge
Total cost to the CEO, with one or more siblings at Catholic secondary school $444.80   $103.80   $69.20    
Total cost to the school $342   $133   $111   $52 
Total $856   $236.80   $180.20   $52


No child is denied Catholic schooling because of an inability to pay fees. In cases of genuine hardship, fees may be varied after consultation and interview with the Principal. If you are experiencing hardship please arrange to discuss this with the Prinicpal as soon as possible and prior to the due date for term fees.


Accounts are sent out at the beginning of each term and are payable by the end of Week 5 each term.  

Methods of Payment

Parents can pay school fees by either cash, cheque or credit card at the Front Office or online via BPAY.

Regular instalments may also be made either through a direct debit from your bank account or parents can set up regular payments through BPAY.

For further information regarding payments, please contact the Front Office.