Health and Physical Education



In order to take action to promote health, students need to understand and develop ways of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This involves the development of skills in decision-making, planning, risk management and problem-solving, as well as the ability to access relevant health information and services.


Physical Education

Being physically active means participating regularly in active play and in a range of games, sports and recreational activities in different environments. In order for students to become physically active, they need to be provided with opportunities for regular participation in vigorous physical activity during school time. Participation in Sport is encouraged at St Vincent’s and the fundamental motor skills for all sports are taught in PE lessons each week. All students participate in an intensive Water Safety and swimming program for two weeks of the year.

Team Sports

St Vincent's participate in a variety of carnivals and events such as the Catholic Schools Netball and Soccer Carnivals and Boorowa Touch Football and Netball Carnival. Parental help with the coaching and management of teams is encouraged and is always warmly welcomed.

District Representation

St Vincent’s is involved in the Belconnen Primary School Sports Association (BPSSA). All students are encouraged to participate in the three major sporting activities for the year – Swimming, Cross Country and Track and Field Carnivals. A team is then chosen to represent St Vincent’s at the Belconnen District Carnivals.