The curriculum at St Vincent's School covers the Australian Curriculum. This framework provides the essential learning for ACT students across the key learning areas of English, Mathematics, Science, Social Sciences, The Arts, Health and Physical Education and Languages. The Religious Education curriculum at St Vincent 's follows the Treasures New and Old Religious Education syllabus developed by the Catholic Education Office of Canberra and Goulburn. All of these curriculum documents outline the essential content to be taught from Kindergaten to Year 10 in ACT schools.

The students at St Vincent's are exposed to a variety of teaching and learning activities to cater for individual learning styles and interests. By providing interesting and challenging opportunities our students are enthused and equipped to pursue life-long learning. We ensure all ranges of ability are catered for, with provision for students requiring learning assistance as well as those students able to move beyond the essential content.

Modern initiatives and programs to enrich student learning includes; daily structured Literacy and Numeracy Blocks, an inclusive Learning Support Program, Year Six leadership and Peer Support programs, the use of computers, i-pads and Interactive White Board technology, Environmental and Sustainability education (WWF), LOTE (Italian) and specialist music programs, After School Care (YMCA) and private music tuition.